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As an SEO consultant in London, wherever we travel I look at small businesses and consider how improved Internet marketing could improve business. My wife is an optician with a special interest in the use of coloured tinted glasses for dyslexia. As we recently travelled around Europe we saw a variety of small businesses selling designer glasses such as
Ray-Ban prescription glasses. The obvious question is the difficulty of achieving top page positioning on Google for the associated keywords.

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty is the difficulty of achieving top page positioning on Google for target keywords. Around 90% of Internet searches globally are performed by Google. Positioning on Google depends on relevance and authority. Google indicates authority by PageRank. The authority of a webpage is its PageRank and the authority of a website is best indicated by the associated HomePage PageRank. There is also a boost in PageRank to a minimum of 4.5 for HomePages competing for a keyword.


The Total WebPage Authority of a webpage = PR + HPR + BPR

where PR is the PageRank of the Page

HPR is the HomePage PageRank and

BPR is the boost applied to the effective PageRank of a HomePage that is competing for a keyword to a minimum of 4.5


Keyword SEO Pro is the best keyword difficulty tool because it uniquely calculates Keyword Difficulty by finding the average Total WebPage Authorities of the webpages on the top page of Google for each of a list of keywords.


Advertising and Marketing for Small Businesses – SEO

There are many forms of advertising ranging from
leaflet delivery companies through adverts in newspapers and magazines to the radio and at the higher end Television advertising.


The Internet may be the newcomer but although still in its teens, it provides the best ROI. The costs of maintaining a website are low.


Some SME website owners undertake their own SEO –
Search Engine Optimisation. They should consider taking refresher
SEO courses to keep up to date of developments.


Others involve an SEO consultant to do their SEO for them. As top page positioning on Google is crucial, the additional investment is likely to pay for itself in no time at all. There are many consultants in SEO in London.


Keyword SEO Pro Results for Related Keywords – Designer Prescription Glasses

The following shows the Keyword SEO Pro outputs for the keywords Ray-Ban prescription glasses, Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses,

designer glasses and designer prescription glasses.


Designer Goods

Everybody loves to wear and use designer goods– be it to satisfy their own desires, flaunt their social status, to be counted equals with their peers or just because they can afford them. On the other hand, there are many who covet designer products even though they know they can never realistically afford them. These goods can be a whole lot of things like clothes, accessories, fashionable goods, bags, shoes, perfumes etc. and are countless. There are also various national and international designers to consider where brand is concerned. It can be tough to find the right designer goods to meet your needs when there are a lot of choices available. For deciding which designer to go for and what product to choose needs to be calculated carefully as the price you pay is usually not a small amount compared to “regular” goods.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFamed designers like Gucci, Fendi, Versace, Prada, Chanel, Christian Dior, Roberto Cavalli to name a few have their international presence all over the world. They have clothing lines, perfumes, shoes, bags and accessories as much as you can imagine. Most of these designers also have collections where you can choose your clothes and accessories together with matching designs. You should be aware that their price range would at least start from 200$ for minor accessories to a whooping 8000 dollars for rare and haute couture collections. You will have to compare prices at the same time look for the type of fashion they are offering. It is advisable to go for those that you can wear without the fashion going out of trend unless you have the money to splurge anytime a new range hits the market. Determining your budget before you go out shopping is very essential so that you have an idea what other things you can buy together.

Once you know how much you can spend, go through your wardrobe and stuff and see what you need most. This is because you will definitely have a list you want to buy which might not fit your budget. Therefore, you need to itemize the most important to the least. You might consider those that you do not own or those which you can mix and match. Do not buy something that you would not want to wear later or one that you would never imagine someone wearing. Once that is fixed, see what designers are available in your area. If there is a store from the designer you picked, then you would not have a problem going there and browsing through the goods anytime at your own convenience. however, if the designer of your choice does not have a store nearby, you can consider checking online stores as well.

For those who would really do anything for a designer dress, shoe or bag, you can start saving and give a little extra hand doing some part time jobs as well. Because these designer goods do not come cheap and to own one, one must be either rich or work hard enough to deserve one. You can do a revamp to your wardrobe and auction off the less important ones and those that you hardly wear. Keep in mind your fashion sense while deciding to buy these pricey goods. You can keep a track of the current trends and prices by comparing them online however, do not be tempted by getting influenced with what’s “in”. If you only do your homework well, you might be lucky to find a store that promotes ongoing sales and offers. One other tip is to shop during festive seasons like Christmas or during season sales.

When you are off to buy these designer goods, one thing to keep in mind is how to distinguish between authentic designer goods and fake products.

Designer goods are priced according to the article with the addition of the designer name. Forgeries abound and can be bought on the Internet and in the market place. We have all been down the local market and can easily be lured by products that appear to be genuine. You can not even go onto the tourist beaches without being confronted by a Gucci watch for $20 or $30 when the real article would set you back $1,000 dollars or more.

How can you determine if the goods you are being offered are genuine? The genuine article will include the manufacturers guarantee.